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Tim Kaine for Governor of Virginia - 2005

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3/22/06 02:40 pm - presenttense80 - James Webb - US Senate 2006

As you probably know James Webb has announced that he will be running for the Democratic nomination to oppose George Allen for his senate seat.

I have created a community for James Webb here on Live Journal. Feel free to join and discuss the election.


1/3/06 01:34 pm - ogt4ever

a few months back, i posted why we should support Mark Warner for President, now i have community for supporting Mark Warner. http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=mark_warner
feel free to join, everyone is welcome.

11/11/05 12:35 am - ogt4ever - Mark Warner for President in 2008

I like to extend my Congradulations to Virgina's new Governor Elect Tim Kaine & present Governor Mark Warner for helping Virginia get back to back Democrat Governor seats for the 1st time in a long time. Helping Kaine win the election is a smidge of the acomplishments of Mark Warner, & while having a 75% aproval rating in a state that is prodimately Republican, he has turned Virgina's 6 Billion Dollars in Dept from when he took office & tured it into a Surplus. He has used a stradegy of appealing to Southern/& Rural Voters - something that would help in the National Election. so for anyone that would like to help me in supporting Mark Warner For President in 2008, if he runs, Vote For Him In The Primaries. - http://www.draftmarkwarner.com/

I'm not alienating any other Democratic Canadiates for President in 2008, but for those that would like to see Mark Warner run & win, I just want to make sure that they can support him.

10/13/05 04:36 pm - presenttense80

I hope everyone caught the debate on Sunday!!
Perhaps you even attended the Kaine rally?

I will be posting pictures from the rally this weekend.

If anyone has any updates, feel free to update!!

10/7/05 09:07 pm - politicallydest - Virginia is for ...anything but Kaine or Kilgore

With the election just a month away, both Jerry Kilgore and Tim Kaine are out in full force, campagning for votes from the people of one of the richest states in America -- historically rich, anyway.

Dropping a friend of at the Gray Hound station today, I saw a clock on the wall that didn't work. I wanted to just think to myself, but I said aloud, "Ha, their clocks don't work, nor do their people." I got a few stares.

But even worst, much like the clock, and unlike the people -- who want to work, but aren't afforded the opportunities to -- the politicians here don't seem to want to work, either.

I've been very critical of Tim Kaine since I found out who he is, and I am going to continue to be critical now. While I believe this is, indeed, a time to heal and that rather than dividing America into red and blue states, we should be worrying about making it into the united (with a lower U and S) states.

I do believe that Republicans are good people (after all, what's-her-name is Republican and is wonderful), and I believe in compromising to build a better, more understanding America. But I still believe there are some issues we should never compromise as Democrats. Civil rights is one of those issues.

By civil rights, in this case, I mean recognizing that we cannot control who gets married. When it comes to love, the value of a relationship is how they love, not who they love. Yet, the governor-hopeful Democrat (and I use the term generously) Tim Kaine is still publicly against gay marriage. This is not an issue of comfort, it is an issue of what is moral imperrative. We, as a nation, must afford all people the tools neccessary to accomplish the American Dream. That dream begins with allowing people to love whomever they fit to have their love.

The moral compass of Tim Kaine is pointing a Southward direction when it comes to civil rights. That has to change.

Nearly 95 years ago, women tirelessly fought for their rights in an issue that pretty much divided America. And the right side won.

This date, we must also do the same. We must continue to fight for the grass root issues of our Democratic Party. Yes, we're willing to compromise with Republicans for a better America -- but like it or not, a better America starts with allowing the people to love.

At least that's where it starts for a state whose claims to be for lovers.


3/16/05 10:03 am - presenttense80

Q. What do Kilgore and Methamphetamine labs have in common?
Find out here

3/10/05 03:44 pm - presenttense80 - Raising Kaine Website

Check out this GREAT website.


3/8/05 08:48 am - presenttense80 - Kaine Richmond Meetup TONIGHT

When: Tuesday, March 8 at 7:00PM

Where: Hyperlink Cafe
814 W. Grace Street
Richmond VA 23220


3/7/05 03:31 pm - presenttense80 - Campaign Kickoff Parties!!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


9 AM : UVA Wise - Bascom Slemp Student Center

11:30 AM: Roanoke Fire Station #1 (13 Church Avenue, SE)

2:30 PM: Herndon Municpal Center (777 Lynn Street)
Special Guest: Governor Mark Warner

5:30 PM: Ted Constant Convocation Center, Old Dominion University (4320 Hampton Blvd, Norfolk)

7:30 PM: Children's Museum of Richmond (2626 West Broad Street)
Special Guest: Governor Mark Warner

Click the links at the top to sign up

3/2/05 04:55 pm - presenttense80 - Help Needed

1. Volunteers Needed March 8 in Henrico County

There's a county-wide referendum in Henrico this Tuesday, March 8, and all regular polling places will be open from 6am-7pm. We'll have volunteers at the polls that day collecting signatures to put Tim Kaine on the ballot! Please come out and help with this important project. We especially need people during the morning (6am-10am) and evening (4pm-7pm) rush periods. If you can help, please fill out this web form, and we'll give you assignments, details, etc. Thanks!

For more information, contact, Nick Kessler: nick.kessler@kaine2005.org

2. Kaine for Governor campaign office - come help set it up!

The Kaine for Governor campaign is getting its new Richmond headquarters ready
for business.
Come help set it up!
Over the weekends of March 5-6, and 12-13,
we'll be moving furniture, straightening up, and generally making the place
This office is where the action will be, and now's the chance to get it
Please call or write if you can pitch in...more details to come soon.
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